New member dinner – 10th March

On 10th March, we had our new members dinner! After training we all gathered at oriental spoon to fill our bellies with Korean fried chicken, hot pot and soju. Then we headed to FM karaoke for a late night of screaming in a karaoke room. This year’s new member dinner was one of our biggest ones yet, with 72 people attending. It was great to see all the new members come and enjoy themselves and we hope that we can get this many attendees for our other events. Thank you to the events team who organised such a great dinner! Hope to see everyone at other events :)

Witness testimonials:

“It’s a temperate Friday night in early March. A weary crew of Taekwondo students walked drearily out of the Caulfield Sports Hall, making their way to the train station. A train to where you ask? It appeared not even the committee members knew, nearly leading us onto a train bound for Melbourne’s pit of violence, crime and drugs: Frankston. Luckily, us newer members had our wits about us and were able to guide the troupe onto a train bound for the city and picking up a bunch of members who were clearly not keen enough and skipped training along the way. Upon our arrival in the city, wherein even more misguidance from committee members occurred, we eventually made our way to the Oriental Spoon restaurant on Lonsdale Street. A wonderful Korean dinner was had by all and we knew we were in for a calm, relaxing and fun night… or so we thought. It was around 9.30 when the Soju came out. Shots were poured. Shots were consumed. More shots were poured. Then they too were consumed. Before long, old and new members alike were in a state of fantastic inebriation and ready to kill it in the Karaoke bar. We made our way, albeit slowly and stumbling, to FM Karaoke bar on Bourke Street. After struggling our way up the stairs and into the rooms, we were greeted by a most wonderful sight: more Soju! More shots were poured, consumed, poured, and… that’s where I lose track. I’m sure we had many more shots and sang joyously into the night. Despite our stupor, I clearly recall the many wonderful renditions of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” sung by all throughout the night.” – Francisco Sison

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