What are Gradings?

At the Monash University Taekwondo Club, we hold regular gradings throughout the year to test members so they can advance through the belt levels, from a beginner’s white belt, all the way to a certified black belt.
We hold approximately three or four gradings a year, each one having two sessions to suit member’s timetables and availability.

These gradings are a test of knowledge to see if a member has the necessary skills to advance to a higher belt level. The test includes poomsae, a pattern or form made up to various stances, blocks, kicks and strikes; set self-defence actions; one-step sparring; set combination kicks; sparring; board breaking and terminology (Korean terms of taekwondo actions).

Forms for Gradings

To participate in a grading, there are some things that need to be organised before the day.

  • You will need to bring a grading book to the grading for the instructor to use.
  • You need to have completed grading application, which has been signed by both you and the instructor.
  • You need to have paid the appropriate fee for your grading.

You can find a copy of the grading book here (the black belt grading book can be found here).
You can find a copy of each grading application form for the year here:

  • April grading form
  • July grading form
  • September grading form
  • November grading form

Grading Dates and Locations

In 2019, there are four rounds of gradings (dates may be subject to change):

  • The first round of gradings will be held on Wednesday 10th April and Sunday 14th April
  • The second round of gradings will be held on Wednesday 3 July and Sunday 7 July
  • The third round of gradings will be held on Wednesday 18 Sept and Sunday 22 Sept
  • The fourth round of gradings will be held on Wednesday 27 Nov and Sunday 1 Dec

Gradings are typically held at the beginning of the scheduled training on that day. It is recommended that students wishing to grade arrive early to the training to be ready at the beginning of the class. Follow these links to find the list of class times and class locations.

Resources for Gradings

Resources that may help you prepare for gradings can be found here.