How can I join?
Simple. Come to one of our trainings and use your first 3 free lessons to see if this is the club for you. See our dates and times here

What if I have no prior experience?
Prior experience is not essential, people who are new to Taekwondo are encouraged to come and find out what it’s like. Our Sabeomnim is able to teach people of many skill levels. However Sunday trainings are split into Higher and Lower classes with higher classes requiring a Blue belt and above.

What should I wear?
If you have Taekwondo pants bring those along. However general workout gear is most suitable for our trainings.

How do I get a uniform?
Contact our Equipment manager Martin Vo (mvoo0004@student.monash.edu) if you intend to purchase a uniform for the club and additional items like guards and club t-shirts.

What if I’m late/leaving early?
Be sure to read over our etiquette guide for Taekwondo. Basically you will need to bow to Sabeomnim before training and also after training if you are leaving early.

Do I have to come to every session?
Come to as many sessions as you’d like! It is not compulsory to attend each session but we do encourage you to come to make the most out of your payment. Mondays and Fridays are physical based whilst Wednesdays and Sundays will be more technique based.

As we draw closer to each Grading we will focus more on poomsae and grading material so it would be advised to come to more trainings during those periods.

Training for members who wish to compete at AUGs will become compulsory the closer we come to that date.

What is Nationals Division 1?
Nationals Division 1 is a competition for universities across Australia to participate in University sports. This is the single most major competition event for Taekwondo and we encourage all members to join as the experience is very rewarding, not to mention we have a championship title to maintain. Tryouts for Nationals Division 1 will occur mid-year and training will be amped up the closer we come to the competition dates.

Does the club have social events?
Yes we do. We have a lot. New member dinner/karaoke, Camp, BBQ’s and whatever else we can think of happen throughout the year. We adhere to our motto “Train hard, Fight hard, Party harder”.

What if I have a belt/dan from another club?
If you intend to keep your current belt level or grade to a different belt level at our club we advise you to discuss this with our Sabeomnim at training.