Demonstration Team

The Monash Taekwondo Demonstration team is a team made up of individuals who volunteer their time and effort into representing the Monash Taekwondo Club. Our demo team is a close knit family that trains every Wednesday from 7PM-9PM at Tiger World Class Mordialloc, aiming to improve and hone their skills.

We participate in performances such as Monash Universitiy’s O-week, Korea Week Festival and at primary schools and other events. We perform basic actions, breaking kicks and women’s self-defence.

Demo team will teach skills including proper forms, how to perform in front of an audience, and how to work and perform as a team. You will also get to learn special skills such as tricking and flipping, difficult breaks such as 540 roundhouse or jumping hook and integration of music to Taekwondo.

Members of demo team must demonstrate dedication, perseverance and a passion for Taekwondo. Members will also need to train at least twice at normal Monash trainings and be at least a yellow belt. The team always puts extra time and effort outside of the training sessions, especially leading up to performances, so you must be willing to go that extra mile to make a great performance.

Trials are held at the beginning and middle of each year. There will be a 4 week trial period for keen members to try out before a $50 deposit is put down to ensure dedicated members stay until next year’s O-week performance.

2018 demonstration trials will be held at 7PM on Wednesday 18th April. Applicants will be required to learn basic demo actions prior to the date.