About Us


Originating in Korea, Taekwondo has become the most commonly practiced martial art in the world, receiving the honour of being adopted as an Olympic sport in 2000.

Taekwondo roughly translates as “the way of the foot and fist” and combines the benefits of learning a martial art with the cardio workout you get from doing a sport or at the gym. It incorporates several powerful striking and kicking techniques in order to achieve maximum damage with minimal effort and teaches numerous self-defence techniques for use in situations where hand strikes and kicks are not available. It also improves physical fitness, flexibility, general well-being and the poise of those who practice it. The benefits of taekwondo reach far beyond the physical; enabling practitioners to improve self-esteem and confidence, and encouraging modesty and generosity through intense training of both the mind and the body.

At the Monash University Taekwondo Club (Clayton), we provide a friendly environment to get fit, hone your technique, relieve your busy mind and make great friends! Our club has a proud history of dominating the annual Australian University Games (AUG), winning the trophy an incredible 29 times over 34 years, including 2015. Competing is completely optional, but our success in competitions is a testament to the quality of teaching we provide.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent club culture, and regularly organise social events for our members to unwind and have fun outside of training.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Coaches

Master Jaeyoung Kim

Master Jaeyoung Kim has been the Head Instructor for the Monash University Taekwondo Club (Clayton) since 2006. As of 2011, he also started his own Taekwondo club, Taegeuk Taekwondo.


WTF Taekwondo 6th Dan

Teuk Gong Moo Sool 5th Dan (TGMS)​
(Korean martial art for Special Forces)

Judo 2nd Dan

Taekwondo International Referee 3rd level​
Korea national instructor 3rd level
TGMS national instructor 3rd level

Master Jack Kyung-choon Woo

Master Jack Kyung-choon Woo has joined Monash University Club since late 2016. He has focussed on improving our basic form for sparring and physicality.


WTF Taekwondo 4th Dan
Korea national instructor 3rd level
First Aid Instructor

2017 Committee

Executive Committee

President – Lucy Ho
Vice President – Alan Tat
Secretary – Jess Bao
Treasurer – Rochelle Jiang
Team Manager – Bianka D’Souza
Events Manager – Devon Kaluarachchi
Marketing Manager – Alice Song
Equipment Manager – Sahan Wijayarathne
IT & Media Manager – Alex Liao

General Committee

Hiny Yau

Events Committee

Emma Thorbjornsen
Yee Zen Yong

First Year Representatives

Cristal Wong
Rocky He

Demonstration Team

Manager: Rochelle Jiang